The Dragon

First Pass On “Celestial Alien Dragon” for Homeward

Second pass on Dragon with infants













One main mechanic in Homeward is the interaction with animals in the world. The goal of having these interactions is to create an emotional attachment to the entities that live in this world. Animals will constantly facilitate the player, fetching treasure, creating new mechanics, and generally allowing access to different areas. To this end even, if a player manages to collect every animal, they can create their own ecosystem and end the game by preserving a micro world from the apocalypse, an ark.

The dragon above is a hatchling, actually from a race of aliens that have been worshipped by the humans ever since their arrival in the sector. Now only fringe societies and regressive tribal cultures on the outskirts of the more technological core of the human colony remember the dragons, and now Milo has awoken this little dragon once more.

I’m going to continue to piece out the world through these updates, some more text focused and others more art focused, and ideally reveal parts of the inner workings of our process.

Keep looking to the horizon.



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