Episode 0 of 1 Month 1 Game, Welcome back

The login page displayed an older username, at least five years old. I barely remembered the password, another older code, but it checked out.

The new interface has made the change from tadpole to frog, but I still know where the head and the tail are.

If websites could have dust…


Welcome back to Goodbye, World (not to be confused with our studio, GoodbyeWorld. Name change for the blog soon?). This time we’re talking about the games we’re making, not the games we’re playing.


Making a Game in a Month: Day 0

Today marked the first day in a little experiment to get myself motivated and making games on the fast. I’ve had an idea for a game for a long time and I should have been working on it before now that I’m going to finally get to. I’ll be posting and/or streaming every weekday (ok, probably 4/5, I’m just being honest with everyone)  and I’ll be uploading a web build of the game as I go. I’m going to focus on being as educational as possible while still getting done what I need.

If you want to catch the stream or the archives, find me at http://www.twitch.tv/goodbyeworldwil

The Game : Your Mark (Working Title)

I’ve made a couple of prototypes in the past trying to take stabs at the same idea, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of the direction already. Your Mark (or whatever it ends up being called) is going to be a Fruit Ninja -like iOS game where instead of sword swipes and fruits it’s brush strokes and…. right now circles. I haven’t decided on the best narrative justification for the “fruits” that will be the targets in my game but I’m going to start with some different designs and see if anything strikes me.

The main idea will be having similar play session lengths and style of play as Fruit Ninja, but every time you complete a 60 second arcade mode, you also end up with a drawing that is hopefully cool looking in correlation to how good you are at making efficient brush strokes. I want to experiment with how different enemy spawn patterns and “death” conditions and player loss conditions create different styles of painting, and even maybe use them to create painted objects. For instance, having a bunch of enemies spawn and form circular shapes in the top right to form the “sun” and then the next wave spawning all around the canvas and moving toward the sun which would then look like sun rays. Eventually I want to add a “custom composition” mode where you can choose what kinds of waves spawn in an attempt to design the kind of picture you’ll end up with. Hopefully people will tweet their drawings, right?

So even with that I’ve got enough to work off of in Unity and will know a little more once I can play around with my finger on an actual iPhone screen. This idea has been stewing in my stomach for a good two years, it’s definitely cooked. I’ve got a big ol’ notebook full of some of my early design ideas, I’ll try and upload scans as they become relevant.

Day 0 Report: Getting Set Up

Spent the morning getting OBS to work for streaming to twitch, which took very little time and was surprisingly awesome and easy.

Spent the afternoon setting up iOS dev but they got my name wrong on a thing and can’t change it until tomorrow, but learned a lot about the process of getting Unity all the way to an iPhone. Nothing you can’t google.

Finally got a little Unity project together on Git. If you want send me an email (willadhell@gmail.com) and I’ll add you to the repo, it’s private at the moment.

All I’m using so far is a plugin called SplineTrailRenderer which uses Catmull Rom splines to make trails rather than the super rigid Unity trail renderer. It also has a lot of good customization options for potentially making brushes (think more like photoshop brushes) and that’s what I’ll be using it for. I haven’t been able to hook up the project to build for iOS yet, but I’ll be making sure the controls respond to mouse click and iPhone touch for quick testing, so I’ll be setting up the mouse version as apple sorts out my name today.

And I had a delicious burger at the apple pan.

See you tomorrow






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