Episode 1 of 1G1M, I suck at streaming

Ok. This is a habit now. Two points is a line right… I’m forming a good habit.

Today I mostly spend being nervous about streaming and setting up little things, streamed an episode and lost it to the void (I’m hoping to record them as if I just stream them, mostly no one will see it, also you can export from twitch to youtube now without video touching your hard drive so yay). Anyways I streamed an OFFICIAL episode 1 where I recapped and explained everything that I explained some of in the blog post yesterday but then I get into some good programming meat.

Anyways, here it is:

I’ve found that streaming is probably most useful as a tool to focus me on important work, only what I would consider “real” game design progress. Even if no one is watching just the ritual of setting up a performance and then being in the mindset of what you’re doing is also for the benefit of someone else made me super productive. It was also a little more stressful and tiring to work while streaming and to talk through it, and it also makes me self conscious ( I hid away in a outdoor office ) but I imagine that’s part of what focuses me and also that it’ll only get easier. As a serial procrastinator, just horseing myself to communicate and show people that I’m working puts a real motivation behind me. Even just by telling a few friends that I had this plan has changed my mindset about it completely.

Today was brought to you by Schmoylent, the alternative nutrient slurry powering this game developer.



2 thoughts on “Episode 1 of 1G1M, I suck at streaming

  1. *compiles* ya! ya! ya! *fingerguns*

    As a programmer with no experience with Unity at all, watching this video felt clean and easy. The only small thing that comes to mind is you should probably refer to the game outline more often — but overall, it felt like I was working together with you on the game. Each time you explained a module, referred to documentation, or used the interface was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPhDcP9y76Y

    • haha yeah the main highlight. I’m trying to teach it the way I learned (just mess up live and fix it, that way students lose their fear of messing up). I had another hour long video I lost before this one where I went into real detail about the outline and so kinda glossed over it but you saying that I’m gonna make a google doc outline and share it.

      Oh and the stream is basically just me warming up for when John gets back in town. It’s pretty dry right now but we code like hooligans so …. stay tuned.

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