Episodes 2 & 3 of 1G1M: Almost Playable

First Screenshot of pretty lines

First Screenshot of pretty lines

Routine? Yes.

Sorry for no post yesterday, I should be clear: I’m going to make a game this month but I’m not going to be making game every single day. Double videos to make it up to you anyways.

Most importantly, I’ve made an outline that I’m going to keep current and underneath it I’m going to have a constantly updating todo list with what is on the immediate horizon. Check it out:


My goal right now is to get it to it’s most basic state and distribute a build and get feedback so all the todo list is moving towards that. Once we get some feedback, we’ll re plan. I used to hate play testing but to be honest making games is like painting a picture that you can’t actually see. Because the nature of it is that you have to have very specific knowledge of every part of your game to make it, you will never be surprised/confounded in the same way other people (everyone who the game is actually for) end up playing it.

Today we got a lot done, the game is an episode away from functionally being fruit ninja (oh and Apple support… ). I’m gonna split the episodes into 30 minute chunks but it’s just as easy for me to do 15 or any other, let me know. I usually watch ten minute long Youtube gaming things but game dev takes a long time! So by that, we have actually two episodes today. Check it out:








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