Episodes 4&5 of 1G1M : First Playable

If you’re just tuning in, I use 1G1M to mean that I’m gonna do this series this month where I make a game and film it. It seems to be about 30minutes of development a day but I can ASSURE you that will increase especially as the deadline looms.

First playable is a big term. It’s barely that, but it’s enough to get people musing on what they want/don’t want in the game.

I feel like a spend a lot of time on the stream doing things that are un interesting but I don’t have good perspective. Anyways I’m just practicing. Just getting good.


TLDR here it is


So today we are starting to grapple with the really hard questions like “what’s going to be fun about this random collection of things?” We made some really basic parts in the previous episodes but this is the first demonstration of the absolute core gameplay working at 15% of total expected quality for about twelve seconds. It’s tough to not spend all your time making one part of the whole system perfect without looking at the others even though you want to and I struggle with this. Things like making the brush change color or not be able to draw when not hitting enemies that are in my opinion essential to it feeling good are usually about an hour of focusing on just one system.

For the first test, I just wanted to get everything to a bare minimum rather than have any one part shining without a working game. It’s what I’ve been taught and it definitely works, but you have to fight the desire to finish it before you want to show it to anyone.

This whole process has really helped me deal with vulnerability although no lie I don’t think I could stream without some beer/sake/whatever first.




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